About the Spaces Series

When I originally thought about this series, I was going to call it Silent Spaces, as the original vision was to share some of the places where I was able to reflect, meditate or otherwise escape the business of everyday life.

As I thought more about the kind of things I’d like to highlight, I began to realize that many were full of life of their own. Full of sound and visuals that were there all along, if I stopped to listen and look.

Indeed I found that while I thought of many of these places as an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday distraction, they are likely more steeped in the life of our world than the concrete sidewalks of our cities.

So I dropped the “Silent” portion of the title.

Additionally I began to realize that some of the spaces I wanted to discuss are not necessarily physical in nature. I still think of them as “spaces,” as places I can “travel to” when I need to (re)establish balance in life, work with strong emotions, or otherwise calm a racing mind.

As I sketched out the first few posts in the series, I realized that, physical or not, the idea of “space” is a tricky one in so many ways. We have concepts of personal space, outer space, whitespace, safe space and much more. There’s a lot to explore in a word so rich with interpretation.

Spaces is that exploration, at least on a personal level. A look at the physical, mental, and sometimes imagined environments where I am free to be myself, to explore what it means to be me.

I hope you find some meaning of your own in the posts in this series.